Community Café is a mission that Journey has supported since it began in November of 2009.  It provides meals to the home-bound, those in need of a hearty meal, or those just wanting some time of fellowship with friends old and new.  Your are cordially invited visit and share a free meal.    Please access the most up-to-date information about the cafe locations and times by clicking on the link below:



Point Man is a vet-to-vet ministry and is​ run by veterans from all conflicts, nationalities and backgrounds. Although,  the primary focus of Point Man has always been to offer spiritual healing from PTSD, Point Man is also involved in group meetings, Bible studies, publishing, hospital visits, conferences, supplying speakers for churches and veteran groups and community activities.

For more information contact Bud Strope.  BudStrope@Point-Man-Ministries.org


Mayday is a ministry that works to raise funds that are directed toward homeless and abused children in our neighboring communities and school districts. We are currently coordinating a working relationship with Clover High School and York Tech, aimed at providing job opportunities for homeless kids during and after graduation. Our donors and sponsors have generously supported our efforts for improving the lives of homeless and abused children.

For More Information:  Jay Moore |  boppielw57@comporium.net

Both the Mayday Board of Directors and Golf Committee are actively planning for fourth annual golf tournament to be held at the River Hills Golf & Country Club on October 14.


Born Again Beads is a ministry, ‘born’ out of a concern for, and as an encouragement for just one person, but now being ‘born again’ over and over to share the ‘Light of Jesus’ with thousands of people.

This ‘Light Hearted Ministry’ has been a joyous fellowship as we meet to make our SONcatcher gifts.  These ‘gifts’, presented in our signature lavender organza bags, consist of a Little Bead Bible (which we published in 2009) of encouraging Bible verses and a precious prayer, a brochure about our ministry, and the SONcatcher, made from donated and purchased beads, ‘born again’ into a beautiful reminder that Jesus is truly the Light of our lives.  The three ‘like’ beads on our SONcatchers represent the Holy Trinity, sustaining us in trying times and celebrating with us in victorious times.  Our gifts are freely given by our congregations, and requests are always welcome!

Our ministry now has three chapters: The Journey Church, River Hills Community Church, and Ocala West United Methodist Church, FL.  Together we have given away over 5,000 SONcatcher gifts.  The Journey Church recently welcomed knitters, further expanding the ministry.  They are making ‘chemo’ caps, baby hats, and prayer shawls.  

Born Again Beads encourages anyone who wants to spend a few hours of warm fellowship contributing to a ‘Light Hearted Minsitry’ to join us!  No experience needed.  And we always welcome any and all bead and/or yarn donations.

For more information on where or when we meet please contact The Journey office at (803) 810-0555 or Patty Snearly at (803) 389-7737.

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